Our parks, our forests, and our beautiful landscapes need protection.

I'll give you 4 critical reasons to keep reading:

  1. Most of our medicines originated from rainforests.
  2. Forests regulate Earth's temperature.
  3. Forests affect wildlife, rivers and oceans.
  4. Forests affect us all.

The tip branch of an old cedar snag

----Our rivers and our fish stocks are in trouble. Multiple species are at risk in an ever growing population.

Funding is limited for the protection and maintenance of our parks and environment.

And then, We litter in our parks!

We dump garbage in our forests!

We poison our Planet!


The Protect Your Forest Group Clean Up Project.

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We need to open our eyes to our behavior, our actions towards our forests. Our actions taken when (read more)


Trash life

If you were to throw out these items, their life span would be:

Glass Bottle ------- Approximately 1 Million Years
Plastic 6-Pack Collar ------- 450 Years
Aluminum Can ------- 200 – 500 Years
Plastic Jug ------- 70 Years
Rubber Boot Sole ------- 50 – 80 Years
Steel Cans ------- 50 Years
Leather ------- Up To 50 Years
Nylon Fabric ------- 30 – 40 Years
Plastic Film Canister ------- 20 – 30 Years
Painted Wooden Stake ------- 13 Years
Degradable Plastic Bag ------- 10 – 20 Years
Disposable Diapers ------- 10 – 20 Years
Wool Clothing ------- One – Five Years
Cigarette Butt ------- One – Five Years
Cotton Rag ------- One – Five Months
Orange Peel/Banana Peel ------- Two – Five Weeks
Piece Of Paper ------- Two – Four Weeks
Traffic Tickets ------- Two – Four Weeks
Rolled Newspaper ------- Two – Six Weeks
Candy Wrapper ------- One – Three Months
Rope ------- Three – 14 Months

(Source: California Waste Management)



Protect Your Forest

Forest Protection Information Page

  • Video clips and pictures of nature, wildlife and forest related information
  • Video clips taken from the PYFG "Power of the Giants" movie
  • Video clips from Western Canada's Wilderness Committee's Joe Foy

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Pete Delorme
A forest enthusiast and protector

P.S. This has changed my life, it can do the same for you! Be known in your neighborhood as the one who leads others, in control of a new movement to protect our forests.


You and I can initiate a change! Be a hero! Make a difference!



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